BetSensei is a personalised analytical bet tipping service. We do not offer or execute bets ourselves; we deliver betting advice based on customizable quantitative modelling tools.
We consider the sports betting market to be a financial investment opportunity, not a game. We provide the tools to open this investment opportunity to the consumer market.
As we progress, BetSensei will deliver simplified modelling tools to abstract the complexities of strategy modelling and selection, to enable consumers to easily backtest sports investment models based on their personal risk profile.
By signing up to the site, investors are able to customize strategies based on their personal preferences, see their risk/reward curve, and make rational gambling decisions.
After subscribing to the site, investors receive daily emails providing tailored tips for the day, as well as a weekly roundup of the tip outcomes.

The sports betting market has some key advantages when compared to the financial investment space:

  • Easy access for the consumer market
  • Less competitive than the financial markets
  • Wider spreads, bigger opportunity
  • No capital gains tax on profits

Please read the full terms and conditions before using the site.

Please read the full privacy policy before using the site.


A subscription is a period of time where you have registered to receive tailored tips based on your personal profile on a daily basis. BetSensei notifies you of your tips by email prior to the event.

BetSensei sends tips out approximately 10 minutes before the event to ensure that there are appropriate levels of liquidity and to limit the chances of any non-members accessing the tips without a valid subscription.

The number of picks per day depends on your personal risk appetite and the model that most suits your approach. Typically, a model will generate between 4 and 20 picks per day.

BetSensei offers the first two weeks of tailored tips for free. After that, in order to continue to receive your tailored tips, you will need to purchase a subscription to the site. The minimum cost of a subscription is £25/month to continue receiving your tips.

BetSensei will automatically send you an email when your subscription is about to expire. We will automatically renew your subscription unless you cancel it at least 3 days before the end of the period.

You can inform us that you wish to cancel your subscription at any time during the term of your subscription. If you inform us that you wish to cancel the subscription within 3 days of its expiry date, we will cancel your auto-renew and it will expire at the end of the current term. For more details, see the full terms and conditions.

None of our services or offers provide any warranties of any successful bet or win whatsoever. However, we do offer a money-back guarantee on all subscriptions. If at any time during your initial trial period, you would like to cancel your subscription for whatever reason, we will provide a full 100% refund. If at any time after your initial trial period, you would like to cancel your subscription, we will provide a pro-rated refund based on the unused portion of your subscription. Any pro-rated refund for an annual subscription will be based on the non-discounted price of the number of complete months of your subscription used. For more details, see the full terms and conditions.


You can change your personal details in the “My Settings” section.
BetSensei only uses this data when you buy credits. Please see the privacy policy for more details.

If you are logged in, you can directly change your password for a new one. To do so, click on the “Password Change” page in the “My Account” section.

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